Rohit on Marketing Yourself with Your Blog

Rohit Bhargava had posted an interesting post on ‘Using Blogs as Personal Marketing’. Which is exactly my intent on creating my WordPress blogs.

It is no secret to my current employer that I maintain a blog. In fact, I had made sure to point it out on my resume during my interview.

Blogs are an effective platform for showcasing one’s knowledge and expertise on a certain area. They also show personality, something that, more often than not, can be disguised during a nerve-wracking interview. Not to mention, resumes and cover letters are drawn up with so much professionalism and business-lingo that personality is so often thrown on the wayside.

Under the cut is Rohit’s summation of some basic points to keep in mind while blogging.

  1. Share insight, not the obvious.  The really successful blogs are the ones that have a point of view.  Sometimes posts on what just launched or new people blogging are fine … if you have a scoop.  But if you have a deliberate point of view, and original ideas – readers will take notice.  More importantly, they’ll respect you for it.
  2. Link to your influencers.  Part of personal marketing is networking – and networking is all about meeting the right people.  In your industry, there are probably people you admire.  Guy is one of the people I admire.  That’s part of the reason I’m writing this and linking to his blog.  Bloggers pay attention to who links to them.  Sharing your voice and building on your influencer’s ideas is great way to help them realize that you exist.
  3. Optimize your blog and posts for search. Everyone has some kind of percentage statistic for how important search engines are to site traffic.  And search engines love blogs.  As a result, you don’t have to be an SEM whiz to optimize your site.  Just use keywords, add tags, have good categories and good titles for your posts.  You’ll be surprised how many people start to find your site.
  4. Talk about what you know. I love the tagline for Squidoo – everyone is an expert.  It’s true, but what’s even more true is that people want expertise.  They are often seeking it online.  If your blog shares your expertise with the world, you will build your reputation and get great PR.  John’s blog on organizational skills is a great example of this.
  5. Make your blog part of your signature. Every day you meet people – or send emails.  If you are in an industry like mine, you can send hundreds of emails a week.  These are your single greatest marketing opportunities.  Put your blog on there, and drive people there to learn more about you and your expertise.  You never know how it might pay off.
  6. Post about the moment.  There are times when I have been in the middle of a pitch for a technology client – and so I posted on my blog about what it takes to reach IT managers, for example.  It’s easy because it’s the mindset I am in at that moment – but it’s also a softer sales tool.  If a client that I am pitching does manage to make it to my site, they will find something relevant and helpful.  On some future pitch, that might make the difference between winning and losing.
  7. Have a good archive.  Chances are, the times when you first let someone know about your blog, there will be lots of older content that is relevant, but hidden from the front page.  This is especially true when you have been posting for a long time.  To help your readers find all the smart ideas you have posted in the past, great categories, features like a site calendar and a powerful site search are vital.  Otherwise some of your best ideas could be lost or hidden from the very people you want to read them.

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