Corporate Blogging

So, in a past post, I had discussed blogging as a personal marketing tool.

Now it’s time to look at how blogging can help the Big Corporate. Most of this information is taken from a ClickZ newsletter I subscribe to, unfortunately, I just have the email text, and none of the URLs. The article is by Mark Kingdon.

The Main Points:

    1. Designate an editor: Unless you’re dooce (who isn’t really a corporate blogger anyway, but that’s besides my point), entries that are all over the place won’t be interesting to readers who come to get more information on the company. Which leads me into point #2.
    2. Have a clearly defined purpose: If your company is all about online gaming, make sure your content reflects that. Make sure you have an opinion, a valid and valuable point of view about services or product other than your own.
    3. Content is king: Update, update, update! And have a point of view. Readers don’t like coming back to blogs that don’t have new content all the time. Readers also like to get into a conversation about posts. If you don’t have the time or a point of view, or if you’re not a real person, don’t bother creating a blog.
    4. Develop a content engine: I realize that blogging is a time commitment few people realize or understand. So to aid your adventure in constantly coming up with new and interesting content, turn the ‘CEO’ blog into a ‘company’ blog. Get enough people involved with the creation and maintenance of it. Readers will be able to see that your company is more than just a service or a product — they will be able to get a feel for the people behind the name/logo.
    5. Experiment, learn, and evolve: Everyone makes mistakes. It’s impossible to KNOW everything blogging the first time around.
    6. Make it a core part of your marketing strategy: As said above, blogs can be used for personal marketing purposes. I’ve already been there. It definitely works. Now make it work for your company.
    7. Patience!: Evolution requires patience. Build it, and they will come. 😉

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