Richard Edelman speaks to Future Leaders of PR

…and finds out they’re still into print media.

The horror. Really.

7) Media Choices – Over dinner, I was amazed to learn that 14 of the 15 students read print versions of newspapers. Relatively few of them read blogs – in fact they wanted my advice on which blogs to read. The consumer facing magazines were very popular, as were shows like America’s Top Model or Project Runway. Only a couple of them were YouTube fans. They preferred Facebook as their social media.

I know that traditional PR revolves around traditional media channels such as print media,TV, and radio. Most PR firms still revolve around this model. However, the power of the internet is undeniable. Commercials and advertisements are now adorned with ‘’ at the bottom, in the background, in your face. URLs are now hastily stuffed into a 2 second soundbite at the end of radio ads.

PR firms now have interactive departments. There are interactive agencies all over the place. Internet marketing firms. Internet PR boutique agencies. 90% of my life revolves around the internet.

I shouldn’t be that surprised that Facebook is the preferred social media, probably after MySpace — and far ahead of the now annoying Friendster.

I’m rambling. It’s post-Thanksgiving and I think I overdid it.

I’m not saying that print media is bad, I’m just saying that with the recent influx of all things internet in society today, I’m surprised that these young people know Facebook but not know anything about blogs.

I was there not too long ago, but still!!


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