Blog evangelist.

Sometimes I feel like a blog evangelist. I went to a networking event last night, and told quite a few people how I was heavily into social media and the internet in general. Ironic, because some people I have known for quite some time remembered how I used to get into trouble with advisors and teachers for spending what they assumed was far too much time on the internet. Now it’s my life.

In college, a professor of mine nicknamed me the ‘Blog Queen’ owing to how much time I spent my TA office hours on LiveJournal. Back then, it was the only blogging platform I truly cared about, as I used to update it quite a bit. Not so much anymore, but that’s okay. I feel like, as with my internet usage, I have evolved with my blogging.

I’m a huge blog advocate. I love social media and the different avenues and opportunities it has opened up to our society as of late. I’m not one of those uber-nerds attached at the belly button to their beloved machines… but I understand their value and how they can best be applied to today’s businesses.

At a past job, I was in charge of creating and maintaining a blog directory for both conversation tracking and outreach purposes. As a result, I see existing and potential clients and I can think of — off the top of my head — at least two blogs that could potentially benefit their business. Everyone’s strategy can be different, but guaranteed, there is someone, somewhere who is discussing your business.


One Response to “Blog evangelist.”

  1. Jim Turner Says:

    You have been bitten by the vision. Welocome to the madness. I can think of too many businesses to count that would benefit from blogs. Of course, I have been an evengelist for a while now.

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