A great example of Word of Mouth

Forgive me for sounding crass.

But I have been wracking my brain for a good example of internet marketing, social media, anything that I can say I have been a part of… something that hasn’t been pulled from someone else’s blog, or something the NY Times has done a feature piece on.

If you’re an 18-30 something year old on MySpace — you have to have come across the phenomenon known as Mr. Girth. I’m sorry, I mean Mr. Girth. Whether it be the brand or the man, this larger than life entity — this movement — is possibly the greatest example of word of mouth marketing I have ever seen.

A guy starts a company with a friend. They give it a blush-inducing (if you’re that kind of prissy, prim, and proper) and very suggestive name. They put a sexually suggestive logo on it. They print sexually charged sentences on shirts, beanies, boy briefs, thongs.

MySpace grows and gets bigger; it becomes a monster in and of itself. Mr Girth leaves messages and comments on profiles of people with exhibitionist tendencies, people who want to go out and get there image out. People who want to be different. People want to stand out and be seen.

From their company website:

The question isn’t – Do you want to live this lifestyle? The question is – Why aren’t you living the Mr. Girth lifestyle today?

Ladies, stick out that butt and lift up those breasts.
Fellas, adjust the package and fix your ‘fro.

The movement gets larger. MySpacers know who you’re talking about when you say ‘Mr. Girth’, even your coworkers know who this guy, who this brand is. He writes a blog. His stories get circulated. These larger than life stories grow to mythological proportions, maybe he becomes a part of MySpace lore. Whatever it is, whatever happened — everyone knows Mr. Girth. Everyone wants a bit of that Mr. Girth lifestyle.


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