Wikipedia and NOFOLLOW

Wikipedia has installed NOFOLLOW on all its articles/links/what-have-you

SEJ and Marketing Pilgrim

What does this mean? Well, you can’t boost your site’s PR with Wiki articles. But at least you can still crank up visibility and traffic.


How should we view a site?

I suppose I’m split on this issue. I work in an internet marketing firm. So, by default, I am required to look at a website from a marketing perspective and make recommendations and implement marketing strategies for my clients.

Unfortunately, my background is not in marketing. I was trained to look at a website from a purely interactive [strategy] standpoint. I am generally not constrained by one discipline or another in my views.  My background is in online PR and usability (I did dabble in information architecture a bit).

So it’s more me looking at a site and thinking ‘what’s pretty, what’s not pretty’ or ‘this site is completely non-user friendly and nothing is intuitive’, rather than ‘how can I get more leads or more sales?’ I have learned internet marketing while I’ve been at this company, and by no means am I an expert at it. I tend to run back to my Seth Godin book more times than I can count for inspiration (while not all of his book deals with marketing — it certainly does make my mind work, which I’m forever grateful for).

There are advantages, when one works for a marketing firm — to look at the site from the POV of a marketer. However, I guess it depends on what the point of your position is. I still can’t help looking at it from a usability perspective — which will ultimately help the consumer in the end.

There are just so many ways to view a site, how do you view it?



I’ve been seeing the rumors on Engadget and Gizmodo… and of all things, I find the post through

I am a total gadget geekette. I currently own a Treo 700p. I love it. I love it better than a Blackberry, even though it happened to cost much more. I used to have a Sanyo flip phone… but I got the Treo because I literally had snapped off the earpiece of the flip phone.

Now… there’s this thing called the iPhone. Sure, my first computer was a rockin Apple IIC. I own an iPod (2nd gen mini in silver, I haven’t traded it off yet. Still works). I love my Treo because of its touchscreen. I am getting to be proficient in little plastic buttons. But the iPhone is ALL touchscreen. Possibly oily and dirty as hell (I’ve only had the Treo for a little over 4 months, but the screen is kinda gross). But it’s three things in one. I love my iPod. I love my texting. I love my mobile internets (yes, I said internets… but I’m totally fangeeking it out right now).

2008 they said? I think I’ll be there. My only problem… what to do with my Sprint account? Unlimited internets (ha. I did it again), unlimited texting, 3000 (I think) shared minutes — I’ve never gone over.

2008. That’s some time from now.

Apple, Inc’s got it down. Microsoft may never be able to catch up. FYI – I have the Palm software installed on the Treo — I do not use Windows Mobile.

I am…

terrifyingly at a loss for words. I read the blogs. I absorb the news. And yet, I find myself with nothing to say.