I’ve been seeing the rumors on Engadget and Gizmodo… and of all things, I find the post through haha.nu.

I am a total gadget geekette. I currently own a Treo 700p. I love it. I love it better than a Blackberry, even though it happened to cost much more. I used to have a Sanyo flip phone… but I got the Treo because I literally had snapped off the earpiece of the flip phone.

Now… there’s this thing called the iPhone. Sure, my first computer was a rockin Apple IIC. I own an iPod (2nd gen mini in silver, I haven’t traded it off yet. Still works). I love my Treo because of its touchscreen. I am getting to be proficient in little plastic buttons. But the iPhone is ALL touchscreen. Possibly oily and dirty as hell (I’ve only had the Treo for a little over 4 months, but the screen is kinda gross). But it’s three things in one. I love my iPod. I love my texting. I love my mobile internets (yes, I said internets… but I’m totally fangeeking it out right now).

2008 they said? I think I’ll be there. My only problem… what to do with my Sprint account? Unlimited internets (ha. I did it again), unlimited texting, 3000 (I think) shared minutes — I’ve never gone over.

2008. That’s some time from now.

Apple, Inc’s got it down. Microsoft may never be able to catch up. FYI – I have the Palm software installed on the Treo — I do not use Windows Mobile.


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