Overdue due to the long tail

How to get more traffic to your website

Before I actually knew what it was called, I had been doing long tail SEO on my original blog. I wanted to settle myself into a nice niche in the blogosphere. It wasn’t going to be very tech-based. I knew there was the desire to know more about the Quarter Life Crisis – I had done the searches myself. If you read the Thank You page, you can know more about the genesis of the blog.

Now, in the WP-admin of that blog – I’m getting consistent and frequent referrals from keywords like ‘quarter life crisis’, ’25 cents’, ‘QLC’, and ’25 cent life’. Between the title, subtitle, author name (I’ve since changed it), and tags – I’m fairly well optimized for someone who didn’t know SEO, much less about long tail, 7 months ago. It’s already got a first page ranking for ‘quarter life crisis blog’.

Now that’s something that works.

Squee note: I love the HitTail blog post because it comes with a nifty handwritten flow chart. Who does handwritten these days anyway? 😉


One Response to “Overdue due to the long tail”

  1. Mike Levin of HitTail Says:

    The answer is, the time-challenged! It’s much quicker for me to whip it together on paper. The one I link to on my name here isn’t quite as nifty as the flowchart, but is in the same vein.

    You really hit the nail on the head when you said you can do well without knowing SEO or long tail. Imagine how this is going to change marketing. We don’t have to educate the world quite so much as get just people using it and enjoying the benefit!

    And as always, thanks so much for the mention.

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