Wanna Wii?

According to one of the radio stations I listen to on my way to work, this past Monday was unofficially ‘Cyber-Monday‘. (edit: that actually has a wiki? Whoa.) That is, the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping spree. As everyone knows, the day after Thanksgiving is the official start of the physical holiday shopping spree — Black Friday.

I do most of my finances online. You know, online bill pay — I’m a huge fan of that. I’d rather use email, rather than snail mail to conduct things like job searches (not as of late — I’m currently happily employed). I’m not a phone person, I like IM much better. Skype, while it’s still a phone-type service, I’m much happier using than the usual touch tone, cell-phone (I still adore my Treo, though). I don’t really do the whole online shopping thing. The closest I get to online shopping is making my annual Christmas wishlist on Amazon.

Enter: Wii vs PS3

Two brand new game systems hitting the market… massive buzz and hype right around the craziest shopping time of the year. The big question over the next couple of months (for me, anyway) is which system to get?

I’ve heard some great arguments for both of them. PS2 has the larger game library, nearly everyone has one, there’s something for everyone. Wii is new, it’s Nintendo, it’s easy, there are cool (and rather groundbreaking) controllers.

I suppose my stance is this: my last game system was a Gameboy Color. I still have my original NES. Super NES was about as complicated as I got — and to be honest, my only way around the SMB with Yoshi (I can’t remember the name of the game) was to push all the other buttons (besides the directional keypad) — and pray and hope that SOMETHING happened. I knew how to  jump. And I knew how to make Yoshi’s tongue stick out. But that’s it. I’m all about simplicity. The only game I play on the Gameboy (and this is when I still used to commute to work via the train) is Tetris. And let me tell you, I’m damn good at it (high score: more than 4 million). The PS2 has a lot of buttons. And it’s not as simple as up, down, left, right, A and B. Sure, I love the huge selection of games — but if I’ve been simply happy with just Tetris (I have that for the original NES as well)… then what use is the huge selection to me?

When I got the original NES system, I was in 1st grade… my parents and grandmother played the NES more than I did. And one thing was constant. Every time they wanted the car to jump, or Mario to swim faster — they moved their body along with the controller.

Enter Wii.