The Elongating Tail

of Brand Communication.

I just saw a mention of it on Digital Influence Mapping Project, so I headed over to Mr. Iqbal’s blog, and found the post where you can download it.

Now I have a 22 page white paper… and I’m going to read it.

I’ll let you all know what I think about it… whenever it is I get to finish reading it. It promises to be a thought provoking experience. Where provocation of thought doesn’t seem to be something I’ve experienced as of late.


How do you 2.0?

We’re very version happy. We’re already up to IE7. Firefox is finally at version 2.0. How many incarnations of Windows has there been (I remember Windows 3.1 back in the day)? We like the new and more improved.

1.0 is always pretty exciting, but there always seems to be that extra oomph to 2.0.

Web 1.0 (that I’ve never heard of) must have been back at the birth of the commercial internet. The thing that I grew up on (literally) with dial-up AOL and the 30 min connection times. People were just happy to have information at their fingertips. Even with dial-up.

Now we’re at Web 2.0. User-generated content is king. Even TIME Magazine said so. Information isn’t just at the users’ fingertips. Information is coming from the users, shared, connected, commented on. Information is everywhere. From blogs (my personal favorite) to videos to Wikis to social networking to RSS feeds to pipes…  We are in an information saturated environment.

I use blogs, RSS feeds,  social networks (myspace, linkedin (see my button in the right sidebar), facebook), and social bookmarking (

What do you use? 

Proof is in the blogs

There is no doubt that blogs are picking up steam and moving forward as The Source for Information these days. Did you know that reporters and editors of influential media outlets read blogs for their information? It’s not just press releases anymore, kids.

For niche markets, there are niche bloggers. The niche bloggers could get noticed by major publications – and you can build out that way. The example given in Web Ink Now is Gizmodo, which is primarily a consumer tech blog – reporting on things such as the Zune, the iPhone, and Treos.

Pitching influential bloggers is sometimes known as blog outreach. This is mentioned in WOMMA’s guidelines for ethical blogging. However, WIN writes that it is possibly better to market yourself, in your own blog. Like corporate blogging. I don’t disagree. What better way to connect with your audience than by doing it yourself?

“Blogging gives me a place in the media community to stand out,” says John Blossom, president of Shore Communications Inc., a research and analysis company. Blossom has been blogging since March 2003 and writes about enterprise publishing and media markets. “In ways that I didn’t expect, my blog has allowed me to become a bit of a media personality. I’ve been picked up by some big bloggers, and that makes me aware that blogging is a terrific way to get exposure, because the rate of pickup and amplification is remarkable. The press reads my blog and reaches out to me for quotes. Sometimes I’m quoted in the media by a reporter who doesn’t even speak with me. For example, a reporter from the Financial Times recently picked up a quote and used it in a story—based on my blog alone.”

(edit: above is from Web Ink Now — I did not write that long blurb. Apologies to David M Scott)

Hey mom! I’m on the Z-list!

Useful as hell meme. And god knows I don’t get enough traffic (it’s a month-old blog, I need to set my standards lower).

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Wiki search engine?

I’ve read the article.

I’ve read a blog.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Another competing search engine? AOL Search, the next engine after MSN in market share… doesn’t have a whole lot of push and pull compared to giants like Google and Yahoo. Then again, it’s the road less traveled that sometimes gets the good stuff. People (like me) are shaking their heads at it… but that’s probably because it’s the news break that’s still got me in shock.

Then there’s the name — Wikiasari — no, wait, that’s a code name. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy as Google or Yahoo. But it has an interesting etymology. Hawaiian word for quick, ‘wiki,’ + Japanese word for rummaging search, ‘asari.’ But is that really the visual you want? People RUMMAGING? It sounds to me that they don’t know what they’re looking for.

What does Wikiasari have to offer? The human touch. No longer just robot spiders.  Open source tech plus human intelligence and discretion. Like Google with a touch of DMOZ.

We’ll see. Two years, they say.

A great example of Word of Mouth

Forgive me for sounding crass.

But I have been wracking my brain for a good example of internet marketing, social media, anything that I can say I have been a part of… something that hasn’t been pulled from someone else’s blog, or something the NY Times has done a feature piece on.

If you’re an 18-30 something year old on MySpace — you have to have come across the phenomenon known as Mr. Girth. I’m sorry, I mean Mr. Girth. Whether it be the brand or the man, this larger than life entity — this movement — is possibly the greatest example of word of mouth marketing I have ever seen.

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Blog evangelist.

Sometimes I feel like a blog evangelist. I went to a networking event last night, and told quite a few people how I was heavily into social media and the internet in general. Ironic, because some people I have known for quite some time remembered how I used to get into trouble with advisors and teachers for spending what they assumed was far too much time on the internet. Now it’s my life.

In college, a professor of mine nicknamed me the ‘Blog Queen’ owing to how much time I spent my TA office hours on LiveJournal. Back then, it was the only blogging platform I truly cared about, as I used to update it quite a bit. Not so much anymore, but that’s okay. I feel like, as with my internet usage, I have evolved with my blogging.

I’m a huge blog advocate. I love social media and the different avenues and opportunities it has opened up to our society as of late. I’m not one of those uber-nerds attached at the belly button to their beloved machines… but I understand their value and how they can best be applied to today’s businesses.

At a past job, I was in charge of creating and maintaining a blog directory for both conversation tracking and outreach purposes. As a result, I see existing and potential clients and I can think of — off the top of my head — at least two blogs that could potentially benefit their business. Everyone’s strategy can be different, but guaranteed, there is someone, somewhere who is discussing your business.