The Elongating Tail

of Brand Communication.

I just saw a mention of it on Digital Influence Mapping Project, so I headed over to Mr. Iqbal’s blog, and found the post where you can download it.

Now I have a 22 page white paper… and I’m going to read it.

I’ll let you all know what I think about it… whenever it is I get to finish reading it. It promises to be a thought provoking experience. Where provocation of thought doesn’t seem to be something I’ve experienced as of late.


Something else from the HitTail blog

That sums up my previous post well:

The only way to do proper for a niche is to build a site and develop content for it. You can get initial ideas from regular about the popularity of a opic, but developing a site and watching real-time phrases being used to hit your site developes the real keyword list you want to work from.

…There’s always room to improve what other bloggers have said before.

Overdue due to the long tail

How to get more traffic to your website

Before I actually knew what it was called, I had been doing long tail SEO on my original blog. I wanted to settle myself into a nice niche in the blogosphere. It wasn’t going to be very tech-based. I knew there was the desire to know more about the Quarter Life Crisis – I had done the searches myself. If you read the Thank You page, you can know more about the genesis of the blog.

Now, in the WP-admin of that blog – I’m getting consistent and frequent referrals from keywords like ‘quarter life crisis’, ’25 cents’, ‘QLC’, and ’25 cent life’. Between the title, subtitle, author name (I’ve since changed it), and tags – I’m fairly well optimized for someone who didn’t know SEO, much less about long tail, 7 months ago. It’s already got a first page ranking for ‘quarter life crisis blog’.

Now that’s something that works.

Squee note: I love the HitTail blog post because it comes with a nifty handwritten flow chart. Who does handwritten these days anyway? 😉