Wiki search engine?

I’ve read the article.

I’ve read a blog.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Another competing search engine? AOL Search, the next engine after MSN in market share… doesn’t have a whole lot of push and pull compared to giants like Google and Yahoo. Then again, it’s the road less traveled that sometimes gets the good stuff. People (like me) are shaking their heads at it… but that’s probably because it’s the news break that’s still got me in shock.

Then there’s the name — Wikiasari — no, wait, that’s a code name. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy as Google or Yahoo. But it has an interesting etymology. Hawaiian word for quick, ‘wiki,’ + Japanese word for rummaging search, ‘asari.’ But is that really the visual you want? People RUMMAGING? It sounds to me that they don’t know what they’re looking for.

What does Wikiasari have to offer? The human touch. No longer just robot spiders.  Open source tech plus human intelligence and discretion. Like Google with a touch of DMOZ.

We’ll see. Two years, they say.


Seth Godin

I bought Small is the New Big for myself for Christmas not too long ago. I was really good about not reading it till yesterday.

And I am hooked.

There are just so many fabulous ideas, concepts, great writing (not too long). I’m nowhere close to done yet (I stopped somewhere around Clowns and Cliff…somethings).

I want that. I mean, the power to influence and inspire. Not absolute power… but it’d be nice to be recognized among a Scoble or a Seth. A Corinne…

Not yet, not now. Eventually.

It’s all just a matter of those ideas getting out.

Build it and they will come.

So, there’s this thing called Second Life. I’m not going to invalidate myself by saying I know all about it — but I have heard of it. It’s a pretty cool concept, I remember hearing about similar things, back in the day when the Internet was still a ‘waste of time’ and a place to get free porn (well — it still is, but it’s known less for that now), not that I can remember their names now. Oh! I used to do Neopets, my account must be about 6 years old now. I still go there to ‘waste my time’. Second Life is a similar concept, just less fanciful… Meaning you have no creatures such as Korbats, Meercas, and Usuls.

The strange thing about Neopets, for me, is that after a while, it became less of a fanciful world and more of a place where kid-minded advertisers could get their claws into a veritable cornucopia of potential consumers. And claw they did. Now, I can barely get into the site (yes, I do still visit) without seeing an ad for McDonalds or a sponsored game for the latest cool movie. I remember they did one for Spy Kids… oh wait, I’m beginning to date myself here. Who am I kidding? I’m still a newbie compared to guys like Robert Scoble and John Bell. Sorry, Mr. Bell. And sorry, Mr. Scoble.

Anyway, back to Second Life. This little virtual world now has advertisers. Smart people, those advertisers. Specifically, Electric Sheep Company (what a name! Love it!). Have large community of potential consumers — let’s advertise there! And if that community has their own economy, it wouldn’t really be real if they didn’t have advertisers to help that economy along. Let’s give those advertisers a standing ovation! (I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, that’s just how I sound at 845a)