Update on Tasered UCLA Student

I’ve gotten so many hits on that past post, I have to post an update.


Mostafa Tabatabainejad, the 23 yr old senior, has hired a high-profile civil rights lawyer (Stephen Yagman) to file a brutality lawsuit as well as false arrest.

The video, which has made its rounds through YouTube (over 400,000 views from the video I linked to) and passed by WOM to countless others, is a testament to the unnecessary UCPD police brutality used against a UCLA student. I haven’t viewed the video since I originally posted it, but I can still hear his cries of pain and protest in my head. The video is more than 5 minutes long, but you only need to hear and see 1 minute of it to know what I’m talking about.

My past post is one of my most popular posts thus far since the inception of web.impact and I hope many others will be enlightened to this horrific case of police brutality.

I hope he wins his lawsuit.


UCLA student gets tasered by UCPD

After watching that, every fiber of my being is forever affected by the screams of that student. It gives me the shivers, and not in a good way.

If you scroll down through the comments, this occurred not too long ago, “tuesday, nov 14, 11:30pm.”

Amazing what a digital camera and a video sharing service can do. It’s like late breaking news but without all the editing and professional commentary. I wonder what the other social effects of this might be.

I’m still completely shaken by this.

In other news…

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