How do you 2.0?

We’re very version happy. We’re already up to IE7. Firefox is finally at version 2.0. How many incarnations of Windows has there been (I remember Windows 3.1 back in the day)? We like the new and more improved.

1.0 is always pretty exciting, but there always seems to be that extra oomph to 2.0.

Web 1.0 (that I’ve never heard of) must have been back at the birth of the commercial internet. The thing that I grew up on (literally) with dial-up AOL and the 30 min connection times. People were just happy to have information at their fingertips. Even with dial-up.

Now we’re at Web 2.0. User-generated content is king. Even TIME Magazine said so. Information isn’t just at the users’ fingertips. Information is coming from the users, shared, connected, commented on. Information is everywhere. From blogs (my personal favorite) to videos to Wikis to social networking to RSS feeds to pipes…  We are in an information saturated environment.

I use blogs, RSS feeds,  social networks (myspace, linkedin (see my button in the right sidebar), facebook), and social bookmarking (

What do you use? 


Hey mom! I’m on the Z-list!

Useful as hell meme. And god knows I don’t get enough traffic (it’s a month-old blog, I need to set my standards lower).

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Top 10 Viral Videos of All Time

MSNBC posts a list of the Top 10 Viral Videos. Courtesy of the Viral Factory.

I feel like a bad person, because I haven’t seen 3 of these. Well, until tonight. Now I’ve seen them. Why didn’t I see them before?

What will be the next generation of viral videos?

This isn’t my first blog.

I doubt it will be the last.

So, where in my long history of blogging does this one rank? If I remember correctly, it’s #10. But it could very well be #9 as well.  Out of my current active blogs, this one is 1 of 5 (or 6, as I have plans to resurrect one soon). Why so many? I wish I knew.

What is the purpose of this? The purpose of Web Impact is to track and discuss the different ways the internet influences us. Impacts our lives. Affects our day to day activities. Let’s face it. We live in a high-tech world. There’s no way to escape it now.

A long long time ago, there was a time when I thought that the internet was merely a way for me to  procrastinate doing school work. There was no value here, save for entertainment value. I was very wrong. The internet is now my life, it is my career, it is a part of me.

As the world wide web is a place that never sleeps, rests, or takes time out, expect this blog to be updated often.